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We provide a solution to an increasing global need to learn Spanish, adapting ourselves to the new digital era.

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    About Mundo Spanish Online

    Mundo Spanish online learning was born in 2014, because many students from our Academy (Mundo Spanish School, in Antigua Guatemala) wanted to continue their studies in the first instance, but we realize that in a globalized world, learning Spanish has become a necessity and it is necessary to fill spaces without borders and online classes fill that space.

    Our Vision

    We want to become the leader in online Spanish language learning through our unique and effective methodology of teaching.

    Our Mision

    To provide live, online Spanish classes with experienced, native teachers in a convenient and enjoyable manner at competitive prices.

    Why Spanish?

    During our extensive experience we have see that the students/participants come to us for learning Spanish whith different kinds of motivations such as: preparing for their university studies, for work, sometimes because their next holiday is a Latin American destination, sometimes just for fun. You don’t have a reason yet to learning Spanish.

    • Speak a Global language: Spoken by over 570 million people and the official language in 20 countries, Spanish is one of the most useful and practical languages in the world.
    • Expand Your World & Train you brain: Makes you become even more open-minded and tolerant, and expands your opportunities to enjoy meeting new people and developing life-long friendships. Learning a new language increases your brain power, helps keep your memory sharp, and reduces the chances of developing brain disorders.
    • Study or live overseas: Allows you to study or live overseas, and to make the most of your travel experiences to Spanish-speaking countries. Speaking the language brings you closer to the vast diversity of Spanish and Hispanic cultures, history, literature, music, gastronomy, etc.
    • Volunteering abroad: Maybe the idea to help people has been in your head for a long time. Through learning online you can prepare for having the best experience in your life.

    Why lessons online

    • You decide when starts and you can arrange your classes to fit your own schedule and availability.
    • We provide a solution to an increasing global need to learn Spanish, adapting ourselves to the new digital era.
    • We are backed by more than twenty five years of experience in the field of teaching the Spanish language, as well as the promotion and expansion of the teaching of Spanish language and culture.
    • Online lesson software such as Skype (the platform we normally use), allows you to converse live, one-to-one with our experienced teachers, greatly increasing your language competencies focusing on your learning skills.